It’s official, we’re at our new location 08/01/2016.


Our new location is 5162 Lemons Rd Fort Worth 76140.  The contact info is still the same.

My shop specializes in VW TDI repairs, maintenance, performance modifications and conversions. My shop is a trusted repair shop on the, my user ID is mtbr297. I am a kerma TDI dealer and also offer kerma performance and economy tunes as well. I have over 30 years of experience as a diesel mechanic.

I have owned  and worked on my personal VW diesel cars for 20 years off and on.  My current ride is a 2004 Seat Leon PD 150 6 speed Diesel TDI.  I am passionate about these cars, just ask my wife :). Some of the repairs my shop offers ranges from changing a light bulb to a diesel conversion into a non-diesel car with a “full on” 300 HP engine all wheel drive, and just about everything else in between.

I started my business in January 2007 in the garage of my home.  I worked on TDI cars on my days off.  I grew from that location to a small strip business center in March 2008 with a 700-square-foot shop, and it has grown from there.

Our hours of operation are Monday — Friday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturday 10-2.  We welcome drop-in clients but may not be able to take care of your car right then.  So, call ahead or email me to better serve you.

We are now involved in the Jeep Liberty CRD 2.8L diesels.  These are pretty good choice for a diesel SUV.  They can provide 32 mpg and tow a large boat or travel trailer.  The engine is a 4 cylinder so the 2.8L is a very large displacement 4 cylinder engine.  Has lots of torque and pulling power.  And it’s a Jeep so you can drive it just about anywhere you want to go.

We have VW TDI diesel cars for sale from time to time.   All cars we sell have been throughly inspected and driven so we get a good feel of the car’s condition.  TDI Guy sells cars very differently from the standard car lot, we know what/if any repairs are needed.  We don’t just clean up a car and make it look pretty and put it out front to sell.  You will have the option to price your car to your current budget.  Some repairs may have to be made before a car is sold.  Other repairs can be put off to a later date.  I see so many people who buy cars at your standard car lot, the car looks very pretty, nice and clean.  Then they bring it to me because it has major mechanical problems that weren’t disclosed when they bought the car.  We can’t for see any and all repairs that may be needed, it is a “used car” but we will do our best to let you know what it may need in the future.  Since we have years or combined experience and work on the cars gives us insight that is a great value.

You can reach me on my personal cell at (817) 915-4063 or email me by using our contact form.  The address of the shop is 5162 Lemons Rd Fort Worth 76140.  We are located off 1187 between Crowley and Mansfield just about in the middle.


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