R32 TDI conversion

R32 Diesel Conversion

Sold, stay tuned for conversion to 300 HP TDI with 450 ft lb torque 4 motion RTDI.

R32 Diesel Conversion View 1
R32 Diesel Conversion View 2

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2 Responses to R32 TDI conversion

  1. Sanjeev Paul says:

    VERY interested in your .:R conversion to TDI. PLEASE contact. I have money burning a hole in my wallet. I know you sold the Red R a while back, looking to buy your next RTDI!!!

  2. Kuba says:

    Hey. I’m thinking to do a swap engine to my Skoda Octavia 2 4×4 1.9tdi.
    I want change to r32 engine. I saw You did swap from r32 to diesel.
    I didn’t know that I can actually stay with diesel and swap engine like this.
    My situaton is diffrent as I already have diesel.
    Would that engine swap be similar?
    Are there any isusses that may probably come?
    Is that sound of diesel r32 as good as petrol?

    Thank you in advance for any help you can provide
    Best Regards

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