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store-front-cropped-scaledOur shop specializes in VW TDI repairs, maintenance, performance modifications and conversions. We are a trusted repair shop on the tdiclub.com, user ID is mtbr297. We are a Kerma TDI dealer and also offer Kerma performance and economy tunes as well.

TDIGUYS is owned and operated by Steve Glover. He has over 30 years experience as a diesel mechanic and has owned  and worked on VW TDI diesel cars for more than 20 years.  Steve’s current ride is a 2004 Seat Leon PD 150 6 speed Diesel TDI.  He is passionate about these cars – just ask his wife! Whether you need a simple TDI tuneup or a diesel conversion into a non-diesel car with a “full on” 300 HP engine all wheel drive (which Steve has done!), TDIGUYS is the place to go.

Hours of Operation

Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturday 10;00 am-2:00 pm.  We welcome drop-in clients but it’s also a good idea to call ahead or email us.

VW TDI Cars For Sale

There are options depending on your budget.  We inspect all cars we sell throughly.  I can provide you with a list of what we repaired/replaced that is needed.  There may be other items that aren’t essential that you can wait to fix.  Or we can provide a “turnkey” car for you with all services and required maintenance done and up to date.  So, you will have peace of mind knowing what you are getting and know what your car needs or required repairs done when you buy a VW TDI car from us.

Pricing Information

  • ALH AHU/1Z injection pumps: $1150 plus 300 core, installation $400
  • Auto transmission to 5 or 6 speed conversions: $3200-6500 parts and labor, depending on clutch choice and if you are doing a 5 to 6 speed conversion instead of auto to manual transmission.
  • ALH timing belt service: $1000 includes new water pump, tensioner, 2 small rollers, 1 large roller, 100k timing belt, tensioner stud, serpentine belt and all VW required single use stretch bolts.
  • BEW/BRM timing belt: $975 includes new water pump, all rollers and tensioner with new stud and all VW required 1 time use stretch bolts.
  • DSG service: $325.
  • ALH injection pump reseal: $400.
  • South Bend stage 1 clutch with new silent single mass 21# flywheel and fresh Motul full synthetic gear oil: $1250.
  • Kerma TDI performance or economy tunes: $350-$450, nozzles installed $543-$633 and up.
  • Brand new (not remanufactured) VNT 15 turbo installed: $1450.
  • Oil change using premium brand Motul full synthetic VW specification 505.01 with filter and drain plug gasket. Professionally replaced with drain plug and filter torqued to proper specifications (no more stripped drain plugs or leaking oil changes): $94.95.
  • Pre-purchase inspections: $130 plus mileage.
  • We have many used TDI engine and transmission parts, installation available.
  • All prices include parts and labor (tax extra); subject to change due to parts pricing and availability.
  • We accept cash, checks and major credit cards.
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31 Responses to VW TDI Repair

  1. Erick Goudie says:

    I have 2005 passat with 160,000 on the engine and auto transmission. I was curious to know the approx cost for the 6 speed manual install. I doubt I will ever want to produce more than 350 ft-lbs of torque( future-new injectors and tune), but I am after longevity and fuel economy and have no idea on what clutch I would need.

    • Steve says:

      Six speed install cost approximately 6000 including a suitable clutch and ECU modifications. The 6 speed is harder to find and the clutch cost more as well. Clutch and transmission have to be imported. None were available with manual transmissions in the USA and you can’t use gas transmissions since the gearing is so far off.

  2. NF (Butch) Freeland says:

    I have recently moved back to the Dallas area. I have a 2010 Jetta TDI and am interested in intake, exhaust and chip modifications to improve efficiency and economy.
    Butch Freeland

  3. carlos says:

    Hi Steve, I would like to know if you repair, upgrade or delete the Oil pump balance shaft assembly for a 2004 vw tdi passat. I couldn’t find the motor code but I’ve been told that all tdi 2004 passats sold in the U.S.A. have engine code BHW. Please let me know and send me a quote for the different options. Also include cost for the Timing Belt replacement when doing the Oil pump assembly job.

    • Steve says:

      Parts cost are the largest difference between delete and upgrade, approximately 500 vs 1800 in parts cost alone. The labor is about the same 1100 for the timing belt including parts and an additional 400 labor plus parts for the BSM delete/upgrade. Price’s doesn’t include sales tax and parts cost can change. The prices quoted do include a new water pump and serpentine belts plus oil and filter for BSM delete/upgrade.

  4. looky says:

    How do you add more than one image per post to blogspot?

  5. Alan says:

    Hi Steve,
    I have a 2013 TDI sportwagen w/DSG, can you perform the 40k service? If so what is provided and at what cost?

    • Steve says:

      DSG service parts and labor 325 plus tax. The rest of the 40k service, oil, air, cabin fuel filters I charge 300 plus tax. I need the car all day or overnight for the trans to cool down to set the oil level.
      Thanks for your inquiry,

  6. rich wroclawski says:

    price and apt date for DSG 40k service for 2006 VW TDI BRM?

  7. Gene Johnson says:

    Hi, Do you have any used engines for a 2005 Passat GLS sedan (TDI of course…) I am not sure of the engine code, but the 5th digit in the vin is “E”, if that helps… I am located in Eugene, Oregon by the way…where are you located? Also, do you have a phone number I can call? I am trying to decide if it is even worth the money to replace the engine, which was apparently run without oil and the top end is literally destroyed. Otherwise it is a beautiful car…

    Thanks, Gene (kitsa2@yahoo.com, 541.654.2241)

  8. Jerry Elkins says:

    I need a quote on all parts to change my B5 2005 Passat tdi from auto to 5 or 6 speed

  9. Mike Almon says:

    Hello Steve,
    Recently retired and moved back to Texas. I’m looking for a mechanic that so some services and repair some items on my 2009 Mercedes ML320 CDI with blue Tec diesel motor.
    I specifically need an oil change, transmission service, fuel sending unit replaced and possibly fuel filter. Not sure if they are attached together or on separate sides of the tank. Quotes for each item plus labor please.
    If you can’t do this can you provide somone who can? Thanks Steve!

  10. Carey Ritchey says:

    2006 Jetta TDI EGR cooler is leaking under boost 1500-2500 RPM
    what is the cost to delete the EGR?

  11. Matt M says:

    Steve, I am the owner of a 2014 VW Passat TDI and I really love this car and I want to keep it and take the “modification” option. Do you have any idea of how VW will MOD the car? And couldnt I purchase a aftermarket Power module to offset any adverse effects that this MOD might have on my cars performance/mileage??

  12. Harold L. Morrill says:

    Steve, I am looking at putting a 2006 TDI engine from a Jetta (and possibly trans) into a 1981 Rabbit Pick-Up (Caddy), and I am having a difficult time locating engine wire diagrams or information (new to the internet searches), my main concern is the wiring for the ECM, and fitting the engine/trans into the MK-1 set up, and whether the BRM is a good engine for this swap. I have a freind who has a wrecked 06 Jetta he will sell to me for cheap. Any suggestions or council you could give would be appreciated.

    I am familiar with fabrication, and vehicle wire diagrams. I have never done a swap like this so I am gathering info before I purchase the car. The 81 rabbit is my daily driver and is in need of work, (injector pump and injectors, head gasket and some trans work) so the Jetta is inticing. Thanks Harold

    • Steve says:

      You would want a 06 jetta for the wiring, ecm and other items necessary for the conversion. You will also need a transmission, it’s doable but a lot of work. You will have to find a manual with the wiring you need. A pre 99 engine would be a better choice and easy to convert to mechanical fuel and turbo vs electronics involved in the BRM engine.

  13. John French says:

    Hey Steve: I own an ’04 VW Phaeton that needs suspension work. Car is perfect with 84k miles, but I have metal on metal on some front end bushings. Can you recommend someone in your area? I live in San Angelo. Thanks so much!!

    • Steve says:

      Sorry I don’t know anyone in the San Angelo area. The car has upper and lower control arms, with ball joints, 4 on each side, a total of 8 plus it may need struts. You must drive some rough roads out there and have the big w12 engine. If you want to bring it to me in Fort Worth I can do the work.

  14. admir pasalic says:

    Steve, I have 2004 Beetle TDI. You worked on it about 3 years ago and replaced transmission computer in it. Since then I put about 80.000 miles and looks like its acting up again. This time I would like to replace whole transmission. How much would be for rebuild transmission? Or if you have any used ones?
    Thanks Admir.

  15. milton says:

    hi steve im drivin Jetta 4 tdi my problem is my car dont hav power whn comin on hills i endup going 60 speed , bt i pressed all my accelerator , cn u recommand anyone in bloem to help me out

  16. Ryan says:

    Hi I have a aaz 1.9 l diesel motor with a wobbly crank pulley how much would it cost to fix

  17. Johnny says:

    I have nice 1981 VW diesel truck
    Was running fine and quit running and it was hard to turn over and hauled it home couple of days later it cranks and runs fine. I haven’t drove it because I don’t want to damage it further.
    Do you have any suggestion

    • Steve says:

      That is hard to say what it could be. Maybe fuel problem when it gets hot. I’ve seen cars with some gas in the tank and it will shut off when hot and restart when cool.

  18. Milton D. hILL jr says:

    I have 04 VW TDI sedan 5spd. There is oil coming from the bottom of the intercooler. Could this be a egr or a turbo problem or something else.

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